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FREE ‘D!!! or The Big Trap…

FREE ‘D !!!  A Recovery Plan

Chapter titles


1. Fear and Anger

2. Trust and Hope

3. One Of The Good Guys!

4. Stepping Stones and the Fight!

5. The Therapists Couch

6. Family Affair

7. Transcendental Meditation

8. A Smokey Room Brawl

9. Other Pitfalls in the Rooms

10. Spirituality

11. A Rising Star…

12. My Sanctuary


The Big Trap…Just One Last High !!!

Chapter titles


1. Childhood Stolen

2. Family Did What?

3. Anywhere But Home

4. Climbing Up To Fall Hard

5. Shining Bright!

6. It Ain’t A Victimless Crime

7. Thank God For The EMT’s

8. Recovery Thoughts

9. The Long Road Back

10. Crossroads


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Book Review: The Big Trap…Just One Last High! BY: T. Rose

The Big Trap: Just One Last High! Is an autobiographical self-help guide about the author T. Rose’s journey into and then out of drug addiction and dependency. You can purchase the book on Amazon, and find out a little more about the author by checking out this Interview I did with her a few weeks ago.

When T. Rose first came to me to review this I wasn’t sure, not because of the content specifically, we don’t discrimination or censor things here at Off the Record, but instead because it’s more difficult to review something that’s semi or fully autobiographical, because you don’t want to rate someone’s actual life experiences. But I felt after looking through it that T. Rose had something important to say, and this book isn’t just about her personal experience, it’s a guiding influence from someone who’s actually been there and done it. It helps to sign post all the steps that lead you down the path of dependency and addiction, and because it does that it gives you the guide to avoiding it.

I have a lot to say about this book but a lot of it is specifics which I don’t want to share because you really should experience it yourself. I do want to add before I get going that I’ve had people in my family who’ve suffered from dependency issues, so this story resonated deeply with me. She managed to hit right at the core of addiction and what it can make you do and how an addict can rationalise it.

What caught me most is that it’s not just hard hitting and it doesn’t just delve deeply into the darkness and profound quagmire that is drug addiction, but it’s also engaging and well written. I mean, when I do these reviews I do my best to read and connect with the submission, because I need to understand the book to review it but when it’s a book like this It’s not something I need to do actively instead I just kind of got swept into T. Rose’s life and the narrative of The Big Trap: Just One Last High!

Now some of this isn’t universal, It probably wouldn’t be interesting if all of it could be related to someone else but those unique elements make it so engaging, but their are parts that any addict can understand and connect with and that can be best summed up in the title, which references the mantra of many addicts, and how they think that you can ration out addictions, how you can just have one more. It’s never that easy. I mean people struggle to give up chocolate for New Years, so imagine how much more difficult and uncooperative the addiction monkey is going to be if you’ve been taking pills or snorting coke. But T. Rose paints such a vivid picture of her life and the factors which led to her spiraling into drug abuse and it isn’t just all sadness, she shows the lighter side, and also the determination and hopefulness that you can escape the vicious cycle of chasing that last high.

So that’s what I thought of The Big Trap: Just One Last High! by T. Rose and you can check that out on Amazon. I think it more than earned a 4/5 for its honesty, vulnerability and because it’s hopeful about helping you through it yourself if your also struggling through addiction.

First Published on: https://offtherecordblog.org  By:Thomas Neil

Recovery Contest Winner

In honor of Recovery Month, we asked you to send us your stories about the impact community, nutrition or environment has had on your life since you put down substances and picked up life. Winners are not only receiving copies of our book, The Miracle Morning for Addiction Recovery, but are also being published here on the site.

This week we have T. Rose.

I was 15 years into my recovery and my second year writing my first book. I had tapped the best minds and learned all there was about writing and started looking for a literary agent to make my dreams come true. To have a big publishing company pick up my story and carry it to the world so I could be among those making a difference in the world of addiction and recovery. Sadly, it was not the warm reception I had envisioned.

That old addictive instant gratification, lack of patience thing emerged. So I just did it myself—built my business to be able to publish under it, bought all the things that big publisher was going to do in order to own my work and away I went. However along this path, I would need to market and sell my work and that is where social media entered my life. I began to build a following on Facebook, mostly to gauge the areas of demand and how I would target it. I found that the urgency for someone to lead others was far greater then I had ever imagined. I thought to myself as I read story after story of people crying out for help and direction. I was lost just like that!

I began posting things that related to my life, which included a cool picture with a quote. I built my own website to inspire others to believe in themselves and choose recovery. The response was overwhelming, I was helping people and they were thanking me for my words of wisdom. These people could now find a new perspective for their own lives. I have used the knowledge gained by years of repeated rehabs and therapy, and those two stays in the mental ward. The courage it took me to overcome a 25-year addiction, childhood abuse and toxic relationships, all of which addiction feeds from. Helping others grow was also helping me.

Both my book and advocacy work was busy furthering my reach. My following now a year later has grown daily, my book bought globally and my life’s tragedies have been able to give others hope when they were lost in despair. Every day I’m inspired to post something about recovery or how addiction will continue to tear your world apart—that finding a way out is the best thing, no matter what you may face as you climb your way back to the world of responsibility and accountability.

The people I touch with my very honest and direct approach thank me for not sugar coating it, because, as I tell them often, after my second time through rehab I had all the knowledge I needed to stay clean; it was the follow through I lacked. This disease now labeled by the medical community to pay for treatment still comes down to the same thing.

Will you engage the solution?

Your treatment plan is your recovery plan.

Addiction is patient

Addiction is patient and cunning, waiting for us to be vulnerable, hurting or tired of the fight. These time’s are when we must be on guard to protect our recovery, these are the times when r meetings, sponsor, and new recovery frnds r most important. These are the times when asking for help is critical to maintain the path of growth we r on. Asking for help for most of us is hard, we’ve learned to be self sufficient but there’s no place for pride when it comes to life and ur recovery. Stay strong and keep moving forward today. 😃💜🌹🦋💞❣ RoseFB_IMG_1534723751150

Lie’s of my Addiction

The lie’s of my addiction held me back for many years, almost 25yrs, lie’s that led to self doubt n fear, lie’s that said I was just going to die like this cuz I didn’t have in me the fight it was going to take to live in society again, to believe in myself again and.. Have recovery. I fought this battle for almost 12yrs of 2 mental hospital stays, many more rehab trys and halfway houses…. Time in jail that 41 arrests and 3 felonies brought me.
And it was only after I finally recognized the LIE’S was I able to hear the Truth.❣

Recovery is possible and something we all can achieve, the serenity inside we tried forever to get through using.
So reclaim ur life, fight ur battle’s and have happiness and peace in ur ♥. Life n recovery is there for all of us, we just have to go after it 🌟
Blessings to you today 💞🌹❤❣ Rose
16yrs now in recovery and it was a great journey to get here 💞

Live for today ❣

Living in the day is truly a Gift…

I wake each day with a thankful heart that today is another chance to make a difference in my life as well as the lives of others, family, friends and maybe even someone new. It’s a opportunity to smile brightly and trust in the serenity that surrounds me.

Letting go of the self-defeating noises from the past was hard at first, because I felt I needed to continue to torture myself. Though when I finally realized that I was only hurting myself by dragging my past with me did I find the strength to end the guilt, shame and pain it held. Nothing was going to change what had already happened.

The past is history and the future just a mystery for which we can agonize over or trust it will be what it is supposed to be and live in the present .

Today is a precious gift. Embrace it ❣

Rose 💞🌹❣❤