The Past will not Define the Future!

In September 2022, I celebrated 20 years drug-free… for a very long time, I did not believe I could escape the “Stigma” of my past.

I had suffered much from my years in addiction, they had been brought on because of a very abusive childhood that I was unable to understand or deal with in my teens. Looking back in hindsight if I had known then what I do today, maybe much of it would have turned out differently.

For the last two decades, I have studied the complexities of the mind, and the theories that the therapist, counselors, and others in this field follow to treat this ever-growing epidemic of addiction. These theories were created in the 1960s and 1970s, they are no longer appropriate for today’s times of hopelessness, violence, or the types of drugs being consumed daily around the globe.

Over the last decade, I have set out to find a novel approach to bring change to this out-of-control problem, from the perspective of the addict and what would have helped, had the counselor asked, engaged differently, or otherwise connected with the client. As someone who lived these experiences mentored thousands over the years asking them that question. I am able to share a perspective with them to engage the trust issues which are first and foremost in any successful treatment plan. Just ask your local Ph.D., the insight they cannot possibly have being they never lived these horrors of addiction.

If you would like to know more about the work I am doing please reach out to me directly.

Thanks, MicheleRose

aka T. Rose

Published by T. Rose Recovery/Addiction Support

T. Rose, I'm a Business Owner, Internationally Published Author & Publisher of my copyrighted intellectual property. Recovery Activist and 19yr [2021] Recovered Addict working to inspire hope in others to find recovery for their lives, by sharing my experience, strength, and courage to fight back against the stigma of addiction. I've been blessed with breaking the chains of addiction that my two children were destined for and a proud grandma of five beautiful little ones. Life has its struggles but it's how we face it that is most important. Thnx, Rose

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