The Past will not Define the Future!

In September 2022, I celebrated 20 years drug-free… for a very long time, I did not believe I could escape the “Stigma” of my past. I had suffered much from my years in addiction, they had been brought on because of a very abusive childhood that I was unable to understand or deal with inContinue reading “The Past will not Define the Future!”

FREE ‘D!!! or The Big Trap…

FREE ‘D !!!  A Recovery Plan Chapter titles Introduction 1. Fear and Anger 2. Trust and Hope 3. One Of The Good Guys! 4. Stepping Stones and the Fight! 5. The Therapists Couch 6. Family Affair 7. Transcendental Meditation 8. A Smokey Room Brawl 9. Other Pitfalls in the Rooms 10. Spirituality 11. A RisingContinue reading “FREE ‘D!!! or The Big Trap…”

Author Interview !! with off the record blog

First off, tell me about yourself?I am a mom of two; my daughter has two boys and one girl. My son has two girls and they all are the light that warms my heart daily even when I am unable to see them.  I love gardening around the house I bought 4 years ago, aContinue reading “Author Interview !! with off the record blog”

Recovery Contest Winner

In honor of Recovery Month, we asked you to send us your stories about the impact community, nutrition or environment has had on your life since you put down substances and picked up life. Winners are not only receiving copies of our book, The Miracle Morning for Addiction Recovery, but are also being published here on theContinue reading “Recovery Contest Winner”

Addiction is patient

Addiction is patient and cunning, waiting for us to be vulnerable, hurting or tired of the fight. These time’s are when we must be on guard to protect our recovery, these are the times when r meetings, sponsor, and new recovery frnds r most important. These are the times when asking for help is criticalContinue reading “Addiction is patient”

Lie’s of my Addiction

The lie’s of my addiction held me back for many years, almost 25yrs, lie’s that led to self doubt n fear, lie’s that said I was just going to die like this cuz I didn’t have in me the fight it was going to take to live in society again, to believe in myself againContinue reading “Lie’s of my Addiction”

Live for today ❣

Living in the day is truly a Gift… I wake each day with a thankful heart that today is another chance to make a difference in my life as well as the lives of others, family, friends and maybe even someone new. It’s a opportunity to smile brightly and trust in the serenity that surroundsContinue reading “Live for today ❣”

Be Proud of the new You!

Recovery takes courage to accomplish it in the first place. Overcoming all the pain and self-doubt about many things, for me it was mostly; was I worth it, could I do it and how do I start over? I most definitely was worth it. So are you. Our past can no longer discern who weContinue reading “Be Proud of the new You!”

Faith in a Higher Power

In the rooms of both AA and NA we hear that finding Faith in a Higher Power is important, that thru this spiritual relationship you will find the courage and strength to move forward in your recovery even with the unknown infront of you. This is very true for most, a blind Faith to continueContinue reading “Faith in a Higher Power”