One Last Time !!!

Addiction is so sneaky and cruel, as we move towards recovery dreaming of all the good things we once again hope to enjoy, that internal struggle faintly calls to us.

We have managed to put a few days or weeks together and found a new job, a place to live that feels so good to our soul. This new place and status in life where we truly believe we are supposed to be, to make those around us once again proud of who we are for them. Those family members and friends that have spent years, talking to us and praying we would finally find our way to recovery and freedom from death in addiction and we have arrived.

We now go through our days going to work and home, taking on the duties of the world and responsibilities it calls for and put the past behind us. Rebuilding all we had done to ourselves and those we care about, life couldn’t be going better and we think to our self, “I’m so proud of me.”

Weeks have now turned into months or maybe years and we now engage more of life’s events, holiday events, weddings or dinner parties and we witness others who can have a drink or two with no more thought about it, when they wake the next day. Or you may witness someone sneak off and you feel that feeling grow in you, as flashbacks of such behavior rush in at you… then the thought hits.

Your addiction starts talking quietly to you trying to convince you, that just one more time is okay, that you are now weeks into your recovery and you can control the outcome now. This is not possible!!!

One Last Time … that relapse will drag you right back to that same horrible place where you were, the day you dragged yourself out in search of recovery, if not to a worse and much darker place. Because more often then not, you will not, be able to will yourself back to recovery after that relapse and all the wonderful thing’s you had accomplished are now gone in a blink of a eye over the days you have spent using, again.

     One Last Time … more often then not will lead to your Death.

Whether its emotionally or physically … It’s not worth the risk !!!

RECOVERY … is the only path we can walk to ensure complete and lasting change for a better life, you deserve this happiness so protect it, at all costs.



Published by T. Rose Recovery/Addiction Support

T. Rose, I'm a Business Owner, Internationally Published Author & Publisher of my copyrighted intellectual property. Recovery Activist and 19yr [2021] Recovered Addict working to inspire hope in others to find recovery for their lives, by sharing my experience, strength, and courage to fight back against the stigma of addiction. I've been blessed with breaking the chains of addiction that my two children were destined for and a proud grandma of five beautiful little ones. Life has its struggles but it's how we face it that is most important. Thnx, Rose

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