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Unlock your potential through self-empowerment. Resolve hidden conflicts and repressed traumatizing experiences for dynamic personal relationships and life success.

Know Thyself !  Personal power and life success demand complete self-awareness.  Unresolved conflicts and repressed traumatizing experiences silently steal happiness.  Quest is a guide to identify repressed memories and events in childhood and adolescence, to resolve conflicts that are negatively impacting and undermining adult relationships and life success, to build personal power and dynamic relationships.

Published by T. Rose Recovery/Addiction Support

T. Rose, I'm a Business Owner, Internationally Published Author & Publisher of my copyrighted intellectual property. Recovery Activist and 19yr [2021] Recovered Addict working to inspire hope in others to find recovery for their lives, by sharing my experience, strength, and courage to fight back against the stigma of addiction. I've been blessed with breaking the chains of addiction that my two children were destined for and a proud grandma of five beautiful little ones. Life has its struggles but it's how we face it that is most important. Thnx, Rose

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