img_20181231_112553_150I have created this page as a expansion to working with recovering addicts from all avenue’s and DOC. Addiction is such a horrible thing to happen not only to the individual caught up in it and trust me after 25 yrs of my own suffering, it’s a ugly world. It tears families to pieces, children left with single parent families or grandparents now stuck lovingly with the job. The cycle of dysfunction then cycles back to the next generation.

I hope to help inspire others with my writings and life experiences to find recovery. Today I have been blessed with 17 yrs sobriety/recovery [2019] and want to share hope with others that it is possible no matter how far down they have fallen, we can rise from the ashes.

I continue to help those suffering from this terrible life crushing event, sharing my own pain and joy’s, as I continue interacting with those still struggling, with recovery groups such as NA/AA.

Recovery is possible ….. I’m living proof !!!!!!

Thanks, Rose

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